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The Rochester Fantasy Fans 
P.O.Box 31701
Rochester, N.Y. 14603-1701


Membership rates are $45 cut-off date for online registration is October 31st. We have rates for families that want to come to the convention. The family rate at the door is $100. The family pre-registration rate is $90 until October 1, 2005. That will get you two adult memberships and two children memberships for the entire weekend. As with all conventions we will offer a daily membership rate. The rate for Friday only will be $15. The rate for Saturday only will be $20. And the rate for Sunday only will be $15. As you can see it would be less expensive if you bought a full membership in advance.

We also offer discounts for groups. Again this will be for groups of five or more. They must all be sent in the same envelope and you get a 15% discount for each person in your group. Again, this discount applies to a full weekend membership only.

N.Y.S. liquor laws require that we check for Proof of Age, so please be prepared to show it when you register. Children under 12 will be free, but they must be accompanied by an adult who has registered for the con.

The registration table will open on Friday from 3pm til 9pm. Saturday from 9am til 7pm, and Sunday from 10am til 2pm. These are tentative hours for the registration table. The actual times will be posted at the con.

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As you know a science fiction convention like Astronomicon is a fan-run event. And being a fan-run event, it runs on volunteers. We need volunteers to help make your weekend a great time. Helping out in the Con Suite, Video Room, Green Room, Programming, Registration, just about everything. You name it, we can use you. You get to see what a con is like from up close and personal. You get the con t-shirt, and you get to meet some great people too. Contact: gophers@astronomicon.info

Con  Committee  Positions  OPEN
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Filler Art:

As always we need filler art for our program book and/or website. We will be asking both pro and amateur artists to send us black & white art to us at the address below. Mark it: Attention Program Book.
Scans for the website may be sent to scans@astronomicon.info

The Rochester Fantasy Fans
P.O.Box 31701
Rochester, N.Y. 14603-1701

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The Rochester Fantasy Fans