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As always, we hope to bring you stimulating, and diverse panels at this next convention. We will be running three tracks of panels, along with workshops, and readings. Since we are so far in the future we have time to develop some intriguing and thought provoking panels.events. If you would like to participate or have ideas for panels contact: Programming at Astronomicon dot info

Panel list : TBD

Pocket Program: TBD


As with last year we have a plenty of space for gaming. We are planning on all kinds of games. Board games, role-playing, and live action games are in store for you if you have the time and want to game. You never know since most of our GoH’s have played D&D, you might find yourself in a pick-up game with one of them. Gaming is still being planned so contact: games at Astronomicon dot info


Since we are Halloween weekend we may be planning something specila for the masquerade, and possibly after the masquerade. The masquerade will be held Saturday evening. You can register to be in the masquerade at the registration desk. Costumes of all kinds will be welcome. As always we will have prizes for the best costumes at the convention.

Anime Room

As with our video room, the anime room was one of our more popular rooms last year. With videos like "Battle Angel", "Ninja Scroll", and "Sorcerer Hunters" you can see why it was so popular. This year we plan on having as good if not better selection of anime for you to see. To contact us with ideas for anime: Anime at Astronomicon dot info


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