All Guests, Program Participants, Staff, Members, and Attendees MUST have proof of Covid 19 Vaccination!!!


Author  G.O.H.
Allen Steele

2021 Hugo Winning Fan Artist  G.O.H.
Sara Felix

Fan  G.O.H.
Chris Barkley

Comics G.O.H.
Wendy and Richard Pini*

Filk G.O.H.
Tom Smith

Adrienne Kress

New Media G.O.Hs.
Jan Zink & Shaun Duke

Editor/Publisher G.O.H.
Neil Clarke

We intend to provide you with guests who are thought provoking as well as easy to approach.
We have a history of our guests being interesting and very "fan friendly".

*Tentative depending on how Covid goes this year

 Program  participants scheduled for Astronomicon 13:
(in no particular order, so far)

Andre  Lieven
Robert J. Sawyer

Dr. David Stephenson

Dr. Shaun Duke

Al Katerinsky 

Herb Kauderer

Dr. David DeGraff

Lois Gresh

Ryk Spoor

Walter Hunt

Steve Davidson

Fingers Delaurus

Amy Kauderer

D. Cameron Calkins

Debra Lieven

Dagnir Dragon

Derwin Mak

Elektra Hammond

Daniel Kimmel

Carolyn Clink

Eric Radulski
Jeremy Craig
Craig DeLancey
Crazy Egor
Ira Nayman
Alex Pantaleev
Shirley Meier
John Caligiuri
Worm Quartet
Alan Vincent Michaels
Jen Zink
Ruhan Zhao
Nick DiChario
David Clink


Is a 3-day Party by

The Rochester Fantasy Fans