Your Personal Science Fiction Convention

NOVEMBER 4-6, 2022





Anyone entering the Rit Inn & Conference center is required to wear a mask in all public areas. 

This is the hotel policy at this time. Our policy complies with all local, state and federal laws as of this date. 

There has been a lot of guidance given by the CDC which we have complied with in order to provide increased

safety for everyone.

We will be requiring all staff, attendees, dealers and program participants  to wear a mask at all times

within the area of all Astronomicon convention space.  It is required that your mask be worn so that it

covers both your mouth and nose (face shields are not considered masks).  The only exception to this is when

you are actively eating or drinking.  There are no other exceptions being granted at this time.

Participants from Canada

As of August 25th non essential travel from Canada to the US is prohibited.  Traveling from Canada for our convention

would be considered Non essential. Therefore at this time there is no need for a vaccination policy specifically

for Canadian participants or attendees. 

Children under 12 years of age

Unfortunately at this time there has not been vaccination approval for children under the age of 12.  It was a hard

decision for us to make, however at this time anyone unvaccinated, children 12 and under, will not be able to gain

entrance into the convention.

What if I can’t be vaccinated

Our policy requires everyone attending the convention be vaccinated.  Although we understand the possibilities of reasons

you might not be able to be vaccinated, there are no exceptions to our vaccination policy. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a email at


With the threat of the pandemic regarding the Coronavirus Health & Safety has put together an Emergency Protocol in

response to a possible threat of an infected person at the convention.


-All Health & safety staff will be advised before and at the convention the following protocols concerning the Coronavirus.

-All Health & Safety Staff will be given training on these protocols including prevention and intervention.

-All Health & safety staff will be provided disposable gloves and masks for possible contact with an infected person.

Code White

-A code WHITE will be called by Health or Safety when any person shows signs or symptoms of possible coronavirus infection.

Signs and Symptoms include:

*Health & Safety will consider fever when one shows a body temperature of 38 degree Celsius and above (100.4 degree Fahrenheit) 


   -Immediate response from the Director of Health..

   -Immediate response from the Safety Supervisor on duty.

   -No other staff response will happen at this time.

   -Everyone responding will take the appropriate Universal protocols. (Gloves, goggles and masks)
-Upon arrival all responding safety staff will secure the area by removing any persons within the areas of the affected person.

-Director of Health will immediately establish if the threat is valid or if it’s a false alarm.

- If the threat is considered viable a Code Black will be called.

*Health staff will use an InfraRed thermometer (on forehead) or a Disposable thermometer (under axilla) to measure body

temperature of suspected infected individuals.

Normal Human Body Temperature

Age (years-old)

Degrees Celsius

Degrees Farenheit













Code Black

-Health will immediately notify the Hotel and request an ambulance, advising them of a possible Coronavirus patient.

-Safety staff will respond to the area to assist with crowd management and containment.

-The possible infected person will not be moved from where they are located.  Anyone with that person will also be confined

to the area they are currently at.

-Masks will be provided for the possible infected person and whoever is with them.

-Convention Chair will be notified of the situation.

-Corona Emergency Kit will be brought to the Area.

     This kit will include:

·         Additional masks, goggles and gloves (n95 masks)

·         Disinfectant wipes

·         3 bottles of Lysol

·         3 red medical plastic bags (biohazard bags)

·         1 Medical blanket

·         Hand sanitizer

·         Infrared and Disposable thermometer 

All pertinent patient information should be recorded prior to ambulance arrival including patients badge number, all

people with the patients badge numbers.

-Support will be provided for the medical team to transport patient from area to the ambulance 

-Safety members will keep the area secure until Hotel staff can arrive for decontamination.

-Upon the patient being moved, the area should be sprayed down with Lysol.

-All gloves, masks, goggles should be put in one of the biohazard bags for disposal.

-Any medical equipment should be put into a separate biohazard bag for infection prevention and control.

Follow up

-All information regarding any attendee or staff member or  patient will immediately be provided to the Convention Chair.. 

-Personal information about the infected patient (including name, age, address, etc) must stay confidential. Only the convention

Chair and no one else shall divulge personal privacies of any kind in any method (verbal, written, social media, etc). 

-Any items left behind such as props, clothing will be placed in a biohazard bag.

-Should the person be a staff member Convention Chair will be reminded of this so that proper arrangements can be made for the

patient hotel roommates. If an employee or volunteer is determined as an infected individual then a trace of all staff the

person came in contact with will be necessary

-Also the area where the staff members work should also be decontaminated.


In situations such as the patients or friends of patients could refuse treatment or evaluation.  It is important to remember

the safety of all attendees and staff is our responsibility not just the patient.

Should someone refuse medical treatment, including removal by ambulance when it is deemed necessary the following

protocol will be in place.

-Director of Health will make every effort to provide medical information why they need to be treated

-Director of Health will advise them of the ramifications of refusing to be treated in a situation which involves a serious

Public Health Concern.  This could include removal from convention or other options provided by the convention Chair.

If the subject or subjects still refuse the final decision will be made by the convention chair.  Their decision will be final. Should

additional assistance be needed to enforce the decision of the Con Chair appropriate notifications or arrangements will be made.